The NYNY Story:

I remember cutting my friends’ hair in the garage like it was yesterday. On a summer afternoon, a few of them would drop by to have a few laughs about the night before. Someone would bring the music, but we all loved to listen to the classics. Then one cut turns into two, a few more friends drop by and I’m barbering everyone in what looks like a New York-styled grooming lounge.
That’s the alchemy of friendship.
This memory is a good feeling to me, one I would like now to give to others. I have been in the hair industry for over 10 years, having experience in Hamilton, Oakville—and now in Burlington. It really is a dream come true, because in February of 2011 I’ve finally manifested my nostalgic passion to anybody who happens to drop by New York New York Men’s Grooming Lounge for a cut, a shave, or a hot towel treatment.
Most important is the experience to transport you to a time as if you live in it now. Personally speaking, Master Barbering is how a man chooses to express himself; it is a way of life. So, I set up NYNY as an opportunity for men to enjoy the nostalgia of the Big Apple’s finest era in a classy atmosphere for consultation on hair and hot towel shave services. Although the services provided are like gestures of my friendship to you, they inspired me to come up with yet another way to provide you with something that really hits home…
Now, after creating Shave Aficionado in March 2013, my clientele friends are able to take home the Master Barber experience. Alongside a variety of body treatments— all being the unique blends of organic elements such as allantoin, aloe barbadensis, camphor, citrus oils, woody oils and vitamins— I have practised with over 30 of the leading brands with clients and 100 brands personally in order to create the ultimate organic shave cream
As your friend, I hope you enjoy Shave Aficionado!
Sergio Franco
Master Barber - Founder/Operator of New York New York Men's Grooming Lounge & Shave Aficionado